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    Consider the Benefits of Asphalt for Your Next Paving Project

    When taking on a residential paving project, One of the first things to consider is what material to use. Asphalt is a popular choice among homeowners when installing driveways and walkways on their property, and with good reason. The benefits of asphalt make it a great choice for residential paving. Taking time to understand those benefits can make your choice of materials easy when it’s time for your next paving project.

    Quick Installation

    Any construction or renovation on your property can significantly disrupt your daily routine. One of the benefits of asphalt paving is a quick installation. Your average driveway typically only takes one to two days to complete.  The time involved will vary depending on the size of the area being paved. However, asphalt paving usually takes half the time of installing concrete or paver driveways.

    The quicker your asphalt pavement is installed, the sooner you can use it and have your daily routine return to normal.

    Excellent Durability

    Having a new driveway or another paved surface installed can be a big investment. For this reason, the durability of the material used is an important factor. Another one of the benefits of asphalt is its flexibility, which allows it to better withstand the elements. Especially in the winter, asphalt can expand and contract with the changing temperatures, making it less susceptible to cracking or flaking.

    Because it is dark in color, asphalt can better absorb the sun’s heat than other paving materials, allowing snow and ice to melt away faster.

     benefits of asphalt paving


    In today’s eco-conscious environment, many homeowners make some of their home improvement decisions based on recyclability. One of the many benefits of asphalt pavement is that it can be recycled. Recycled asphalt, also referred to as RAP, is used in residential and commercial paving. However, it is most commonly used in commercial applications, including parking lots and road construction.


    Choosing asphalt for your paving project is an eco-friendly choice. Knowing that someday when your paving needs replacing, it can be recycled and used again will provide you with peace of mind that you made a sustainable choice. 


    One of the greatest benefits of asphalt is that it is more affordable than other paving options. It is important to mention that although it is more cost-effective, you won’t be sacrificing quality for savings. Asphalt paving is more affordable because the materials are less expensive, and the installation time is shorter. The result is lower labor costs.

    Increase Property Value

    This is one of the benefits of asphalt that is often overlooked. If you are thinking about selling your home and your current pavement is in disrepair, replacing it with smooth, durable asphalt can elevate your curb appeal. That combined with its durability can be an appealing feature for potential buyers.

     Benefits of asphalt driveway

    Are You Sold On the Benefits of Asphalt?

    If so, then all you need to do is hire the right asphalt contractor.

    Certified Asphalt provides full-service residential and commercial and asphalt paving services to Ocean County, Monmouth County, and surrounding areas. We specialize in asphalt paving, milling, asphalt repair, seal coating, and pavement maintenance. Whether you need a new driveway, parking lot, or any other asphalt paved surface, Certified Asphalt can handle it.

      Family-owned and operated for three generations, we have the skills and experience to deliver quality services at affordable rates. Take a look at some of our projects to see the quality workmanship we provide each and every customer. We are fully licensed and insured and guarantee your complete satisfaction! Contact us today for a free estimate!


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