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    Commercial Asphalt Services –  A Property Management Checklist Essential

    Managing a commercial property is a big responsibility. The property manager has to make sure that every aspect of the facility is in good condition – inside and out. This includes your parking lot, walkways, and curbing. If any of these fall into disrepair, the grounds surrounding your facility will not only look bad but will have the potential to cause vehicle damage or personal injury. When managing a commercial property, professional asphalt services are the best way to ensure the condition and safety of your asphalt surfaces. However, property managers should have it on their checklist to regularly inspect their asphalt surface and schedule asphalt services at the first sign of any damage.

    Cracks and Potholes

    Even small cracks, if left unattended, can lead to more extensive and costly damage. Water seeps into the cracks and collects there, permeating the asphalt. This, in conjunction with wear and tear from traffic, will cause the ground beneath the asphalt to soften, compromising the asphalt’s structure. Those small cracks become larger cracks which will eventually become potholes if not repaired.

    Asphalt maintenance

    Potholes can quickly take your once pristine parking lot from safe and inviting to a dangerous eyesore. Potholes will make for a rougher ride in a vehicle. They will not only create an obstacle course for foot traffic but will increase the potential for trip and fall injuries. A commercial asphalt services company can address cracks and potholes to prevent this from happening.

    Freezing Temperatures

    Water on its own can do enough damage but, when combined with freezing temperatures, the damage accelerates. The cracks expand with each freeze and thaw cycle. A small crack in the fall can easily become a pothole by spring. The colder temperatures are often accompanied by snow. Plowing, shoveling, and salting can also cause additional wear and tear on your asphalt surfaces.

    Curb Appeal

    Curb appeal doesn’t only apply to residential properties. Part of a property manager’s job is to ensure that exterior and surrounding grounds are well kept and make a good first impression on those entering the property. A broken-down parking lot or walkways won’t help you put your best foot forward. Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary to keep all asphalt surfaces safe and attractive.

    Asphalt Services

    Asphalt surfaces should be checked at least a couple of times a year for cracks. Ideally once in the fall and then again in the spring. Commercial asphalt services experts can evaluate the condition of your asphalt surfaces and determine the best option for repairing any damage.


    Sealcoating helps to protect asphalt surfaces from oxidation and damage from weather, oil, gas, and salt. Once the asphalt is installed, it should be seal coated every few years. This will keep them looking nice and minimize the development of cracks, potholes, and other damage. Keep in mind that sealcoating needs to be done in warmer weather when the temperature is above 50 degrees.

    Crack  and Pothole Repair

    Cracks in asphalt can be repaired to prevent further damage if caught early enough. The crack should first be completely cleaned of any debris, including loose pieces of asphalt. For cracks an eighth of an inch or less, seal coating can be used to fill the crack. For cracks larger than that, a rubberized asphalt crack filler must be used. There are different grades of crack filler. Some contain a higher level of rubber than others. Once the cracks are filled, sealcoating is recommended. Commercial asphalt services experts can evaluate the cracks in your asphalt and determine the best method to repair them.

    Property management

    Repairing potholes is more a bit more involved than crack filling. First, the pothole must be completely cleared of any debris and the edges of the pothole must be cut to create a smooth edge. The pothole is then filled with a repair mixture containing stone and asphalt. This is put down in layers that are smoothed out to meet the sides of the pothole until the hole is filled.  The repaired pothole shouldn’t be walked or driven on for 3 to 4 weeks. Seal coating is recommended after potholes have been repaired.

    Asphalt Milling and Replacement

    If your asphalt surfaces are beyond simple repairs, asphalt milling and replacement may be necessary. Asphalt milling involves grinding down your asphalt surfaces with professional milling equipment to make them smooth, even, and ready for repaving. Milling may only grind down a few inches on the top of an asphalt surface or a full-depth removal may be necessary.

    Commercial Asphalt Services for Property Management

    If you’re a property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Hiring a professional asphalt services company to maintain and repair your asphalt surface means one less thing you have to worry about. You can focus on other tasks knowing your parking lot, walkways, and curbing are safe and look good.

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