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Is Your Commercial Parking Lot ADA Compliant? What You Need to Know
For the owner or manager of a commercial property, the condition of their parking lot should be among their top concerns when it comes to property maintenance. In addition to the obvious influence it can have on a visitor’s first impression, the condition of a commercial parking lot significantly impacts the safety of all who use it. Maintaining the asphalt surface to prevent personal injury is important. However, to be in ADA compliance,a commercial parking lot must also be properly striped. This clearly identifies areas designated for handicap parking and provides the proper amount of space needed for a handicapped person to easily access both their vehicle and the business. Whether you are having a brand new commercial parking lot or are resurfacing your existing one, it is vital that the striping, size, and number of handicap-accessible parking spots created meet ADA compliance requirements. It is also important to check with your state or local municipality to see if they have any requirements beyond the ADA’s accessibility requirements. ADA Compliant Requirements Compliance with the ADA standards is federally required for businesses and public entities when it is readily achievable to do so. As striping or restriping is viewed as relatively ...