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    Asphalt Repair – Keep Small Issues from Becoming a Major Expense

    Asphalt is an incredibly flexible and durable material, making it an excellent choice for paving surfaces as small as residential driveways or as big as commercial parking lots. Although asphalt can last for 30 years or more if properly taken care of, it’s still at the mercy of the elements. Like a bike left out in the rain, asphalt weathers over time causing cracks, chips, or even large potholes.

    If your asphalt surface is displaying the following signs, it may be time to consider asphalt repair. Tending to small problems now will ultimately protect your investment and keep your asphalt surface from becoming a major financial burden.

    Daunting Discoloration

    Over time, your asphalt surface may experience some fading and discoloration. Typically, this color change is caused by years of exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays. While discoloration is a sign of normal wear and tear, it can also mean that the constant contact with UV rays have weakened the asphalt. 

    To avoid unnecessary asphalt repair, it’s best to seal coat the asphalt surface once it has cured. Seal coating protects asphalt against the elements and the harmful effects of chemical exposure, extending the life of your asphalt surface. Seal coating also leaves the surface with a shiny black finish, adding to the aesthetic value of your residence or commercial property.

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    Wretched Water

    Since asphalt is almost exclusively used in external environments, it’s often exposed to water. Though asphalt is porous and designed to withstand water runoff, pooling water caused by drainage issues can wreak havoc on an asphalt surface.

    Over time, pooling water can weaken asphalt and cause large cracks, indents, and even potholes. Water is especially dangerous during the winter season. If there is water in the asphalt when the temperature drops below freezing, the water becomes ice and expands inside the asphalt. When the weather gets warm, the ice melts. It’s a constant cycle that occurs during winter months, weakening the surface and making asphalt repair necessary come spring. 

    Cavernous Cracks

    Not only do cracks take away from the beauty of your surface, but they can also cause further damage to the asphalt. Even small cracks in the surface are dangerous because they allow anything from oil, gas, and salt to seep into the asphalt and further compromise its integrity.

    Cracks in an asphalt surface can become a problem if not handled swiftly and professionally. Milling is an excellent asphalt repair option if you notice cracks in your asphalt surface. Asphalt milling requires grinding down the current surface to remove blemishes and repaving on top of the remaining asphalt.

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    Precarious Potholes

    Potholes are huge problems for asphalt. Potholes are mostly formed during the winter due to the freeze-thaw cycle. It’s also likely that, during winter months, existing potholes will get larger and continue to weaken a larger area of an asphalt surface. Along with the potential destruction of an entire asphalt surface, large potholes can also damage a vehicle’s suspension and increase the repair expense twofold.

    While it is possible to patch a pothole for the winter, this is only a temporary solution. Patches will not fix the weakened areas of the asphalt, meaning the entire surface may need to be replaced which can be an expensive process.

    Active asphalt repair throughout the surface’s lifetime can help avoid the replacement of an entire surface. At the end of the day, remaining vigilant, preventing the formation of potholes, and fixing other small issues as they arise will save you money.

    Asphalt Repair with the Experts at Certified Asphalt 

    Concerned about your asphalt surface becoming a major expense?  Certified Asphalt specializes in full-service residential and commercial asphalt paving, including asphalt milling and seal coating. Our experienced team can help you identify the problems in your asphalt surface and decide what asphalt repair route is best for your individual needs. Contact us to see how we can help extend the lifetime of your asphalt surface and protect your asphalt investment.


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