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    Asphalt Installation – The Perfect Choice for Your Paving Project

    If you need to install a commercial parking lot or replace your home’s driveway, you may be trying to decide whether asphalt installation is the best choice for your project. Asphalt is often the popular choice for both projects because of the many benefits it offers home and business owners. Think about it – why do you think highways and other roadways have asphalt surfaces? Here are some of the reasons why.

    Cost Effective

    Asphalt installation is one of the most cost-effective paving options compared to concrete or other materials. Although the price of asphalt fluctuates with the cost of crude oil, it is typically less expensive than concrete or other paving materials and can be installed even faster. This reduces labor costs and allows you to start using your new paved surface sooner. Concrete typically takes seven days to cure, while an asphalt surface is ready for use in only three days.

    laying asphalt


    Natural Flexibility

    Asphalt is a naturally flexible pavement material. It can withstand small movements and shifts in the ground or heavy traffic without cracking or breaking. This flexibility is one of the key reasons why asphalt is such a popular choice for paved surfaces, including commercial driveways and parking lots that experience a high volume of traffic.

    Low Maintenance

    Another benefit of asphalt paving is its resistance to inclement weather. Properly installed and maintained asphalt can withstand heavy rains and snowfall without being damaged. However, if cracks and potholes are not repaired, water can seep below the surface. This can create a freeze-and-thaw situation during inclement weather, turning minor maintenance into major repairs. That said, if repairs are necessary, they can be done more easily than with concrete paving.

    Smooth Surface

    Asphalt installation provides a smooth surface that is perfect for driving, walking, and biking. An asphalt surface is free of construction joints that can create tripping hazards or roadway noise. Asphalt is quieter than concrete, making it ideal for neighborhoods and residential areas. Its dark color makes roadway markings and parking lot striping more visible. The smooth, shiny surface of asphalt can also boost the curb appeal of your home or business and increase your property value.


    Asphalt installation is the most sustainable paving project choice you can make. Asphalt pavements are recyclable, so they have a smaller environmental footprint than other types of pavement. It is also more energy efficient to produce than concrete. Asphalt pavements last longer than concrete, so they require less maintenance over time. This means fewer resources are used to repair and maintain asphalt pavements, making them more sustainable than concrete.


    Over time, paved surfaces like driveways, parking lots, and roadways are subjected to stains from oil and other fluids that leak from vehicles. These dark stains will be extremely obvious on concrete surfaces. However, on asphalt’s dark surface, the stains will blend in and be less obvious. 

    asphalt driveway installation

    Asphalt Installation by the Pros

    Think asphalt installation is the right choice for your pavement project? Certified Asphalt provides full-service commercial and residential asphalt paving services in Oceana County, Monmouth County, and surrounding areas. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we specialize in asphalt paving, milling, repair, sealcoating, and pavement maintenance. Our expert team can help you identify the problems in your asphalt surface and decide what type of asphalt maintenance or repair is best for your individual need. Family-owned and operated for three generations, we have the skills and experience to deliver quality services at affordable rates. Fully licensed and insured, we guarantee your complete satisfaction! Contact us today for a free estimate!


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